This brassband from Rotterdam was unanimously voted the winner of the big ‘Battle of Drums’ in 2017 by the professional jury. In addition, the group also won the audience award and 40,000 visitors voted them the “best brass band in the Netherlands” at Zomercarnaval Rotterdam. They are professionals in attracting attention and putting on a show. Ideal as a popping opening act for a corporate event or as a surprise act at a wedding or birthday.

Hiring a brass band is one of the best ways to attract the attention of the intended audience. The band members are mobile and move amongst the audience while dancing (no sound system required).

What makes this brass band different from the rest:

  • The members of the group are all from the Caribbean and that is reflected in the music. They bring influences from the Caribbean (including Surinamese and Antillean) and Latin America.
  • These rhythms are combined with the recognizability of well-known international and Dutch melodies (played by the brass players). This leads to swinging own interpretations of songs with a summer feeling.
  • Their unique sound and style is constantly updated with the latest trends and influences from the charts.
  • Much attention is paid to the look of the group. The dance steps are carefully put together by their own choreographer.
  • Customization for a specific theme or event can also be provided on request.
  • In addition, the clothing of the band members are arranged in detail so that everything is neat and representative. The always energetic band members are not only great to listen to for these reasons, but also fun to watch.

Caribbean brass band for hire in various formations from large to small

Curious about the prices and possibilities? The group can be booked as a brass band (with brass instruments) or drum band / percussion band (only the drummers). Here are the most popular options:

  1. The “Total Caribbean experience”: a large rhythm section with live blazers and Brazilian dancers in beautiful feather costumes. This large formation is often active at festivals, theme parties, company parties and other big events.
  2. The “Brass experience”: a large rhythm section with live brass instruments.
  3. The compact formation (starting with 4 percussionists) is very popular at surprise parties, birthdays and anniversaries.

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Zomercarnaval Rotterdam, de DINO show (Amsterdam), Antilliaanse Feesten (Festival in België), Central Studios Utrecht, Summer Festival Den haag en MTV EMA.

brassband live on stage zomercarnaval

Brassband met dans live op straat
surinaamse brassband bij djogo nights
surinaamse brassband live on stage zomercarnaval
brass band rotterdam unlimited
brassband met surinaamse en antilliaanse leden bij rotterdam zomercarnaval
brassband live op straat
drumband live bij Antilliaans huwelijk
brass band live op festival in den haag
hoofdprijs en titel winnaar battle of drums brass band
publieksprijs battle of drums

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews

Wij hebben de brassband en 2 danseressen van/via Soundflex ingehuurd bij een jubileum op de zaak. Het was een groot succes en iedereen heeft ervan genoten.

Zeker aan te raden!


De brassband was een hit hier in Hoorn, iedereen had het erover! Ik zag oude mensen en kleine kindertjes hupsen en springen.

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